Jamie (revised lyrics 6.22.06)

Posted: Jun 22, 2006


(Liz had a great idea on this song that we ran with…
Here is the latest draft.)


Jamie, I’ve had you on my mind
For quite sometime tonight
Jamie, I can’t believe you’re gone this time
And you left me behind
Lately, this road ahead looks my future’s lookin so unclear
Oh, how I wish you could still be here
You’re so far, far away from me

Jamie, I knew this day would come sometime never thought this day
It’s bittersweet Would come so soon
Empty, driving home I finally start to see
You still own a part of me That I’m so lost without you
Jamie, when my this road ahead looks so unclear
Oh, can you made my sorrows this heartache disappear
You’re so far away…

So what did we give up for I’m longing for your touch
What if there’s still something more Missing you so much
What if I came knocking on your door But I know that forever would never
Tonight Be enough, be enough
Would you invite me in I just can’t let go
To try once more Let go of your love

Jamie, I’m back at home again now just say it’s all a dream
I’m all alone again now And that you’re not really gone
But not for long
And maybe, you’re still my luckiest charm tonight I’ll fall asleep
But it’s only back in your arms where I belong And find you back in my arms, my arms yeah
Cause Jamie, the future might be tomorrow still seems so unclear
So close your eyes and I will reappear You’re up in Heaven, and I’m way down here
Never so far, far away Angel you’re so far, from here.
Oh, so far, far away from me

© Nick Daugherty, 2006. All Rights Reserved.

Thanks to my good friend Liz Shea for helping make this song even stronger!

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2 Responses to “Jamie (revised lyrics 6.22.06)”

  1. BUtvsm2 says:

    Probably just a name that suits the song, but guess who I thought about listening to this… ;~)

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