DAY 24: the sunday show at the pier…

Posted: Jul 30, 2006

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DAY 24 – Man, it feels good to play live again! Tim and I played our first show together in a couple of years tonight.

Yeah, we rocked Patrick Malloy’s on Hermosa Pier. It feels good to have my guitar player back.

OK, so by “show” I mean we got a 15-minute set at the Summer of Fun Talent Contest, and by “rocked” I mean two guys with acoustic guitars, strumming as hard as we could. This has been a fun weekend to be a musician. I met up with several potential promoters here that dig the songs and want to work with me.

And by “promoters” I mean new friends that have volunteered to help me book some shows. People are jumping on board with me on this 365-day thing, and I think it’s awesome. So let’s roll people…

Oh you missed it? Don’t worry love. There’ll be more shows to come very soon.

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One Response to “DAY 24: the sunday show at the pier…”

  1. Ken Daugherty (i.e. DAD) says:

    nice video and what a pleasure to listen to you play and sing. You know I’m proud!