DAY 26: idol or no idol…

Posted: Aug 1, 2006

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DAY 26 and it has come to my attention that American Idol tryouts are next week here in L.A. I thought the past season just ended, but here we are again.

So, I need some help to decide… Should I try out or no?

A.I. has never been my thing. I don’t claim to be a phenomenal vocalist, though I do loves me some karaoke now and again. (See the karaoke post about 2 weeks ago.)

My strength lies in the whole show: singing + playing + songwriting. More Beatles than Bublé. More Simon than Sinatra.

Here’s “Out of My League” from Sunday in Hermosa Beach, CA…

Plus there’s the whole “wait in line for two days” part which doesn’t sit too well with me either. I don’t do lines too well.

However, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing to do, and I’m sure I would meet a ton of interesting people in the process. Maybe some new band mates…

So, help me out… Should I try out? Yea or nea?

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