New Audio Posted! Live at the Lighthouse

Posted: Jan 24, 2007

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Nick Daugherty – Live at the Lighthouse, Hermosa Beach, CA
Date: Nov 21, 2006


If the audio doesn’t show up, please click the link below to open the full entry.

Voyce McGinley III on percussion.
Audio Captured by Pep on a Video Camera

Thanks to Peter Barker at Threshold Sound for helping me get these tracks up!

[audio:] Comments | Lyrics
NewOut Of My League
[audio:] Comments | Lyrics
1000 Times Tonight
[audio:] Comments | Lyrics
NewCan’t Say I Love You Anymore
[audio:] Comments | Lyrics
NewSomething More
[audio:] Comments | Lyrics

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2 Responses to “New Audio Posted! Live at the Lighthouse”

  1. Erica says:

    I like the new song Nikko!

  2. […] UPDATE: Click here for the Audio from the show! […]