Posted: Jan 25, 2007


“All roads lead to Hollywood…”
In the second installment of “How to Get a Record Deal in 365 Days,” Nick writes a new song that’s out of his league, disses American Idol, and finds a whole new fan base online.

Special thanks to Josh and the gang at for their help!

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  1. Tom says:

    Nick- I think is the first I’ve seen this! Glad you are out there giving it a shot. Let me know if you are ever back to play around the I35 area anytime soon! Tom

  2. Moose says:

    Hey Nick! (Great haircut!)

    Thanks for keeping your camp family in the loop. What a a blast seeing you up on the silver screen (of my lap-top)-braving the world of MUSE-ic! Keep writing! The analogy of the pin ball is apt but you’ve got talent and drive and (can you hear it?) a whole lot of fans rootin’ for ya!!

    Me too.

    P.S. Dave IS funny! Police Never Die to you too.