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Holy crap is that Donny Osmond?

Posted: Mar 26, 2007

weird_al_yankovic.jpgI’ve gotta admit that I’m a closet Weird Al fan.

About once every 7 years, I like to check in and see what he’s up to. I remember my childhood wouldn’t have been the same without “You Don’t Love Me Anymore” from the “Smells like Nirvana” album.

Anyway, I just checked in with Weird Al, and found this little gem.

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Day 256 – my first corporate sponsorship!

Posted: Mar 19, 2007

Day 256 and I just sold out.

I always thought it would be like 10 years and a 5-6 albums before I did it, but nope. 256 days.

Actually, my new friend Doc from saw my Bix entry a few months back and was kind enough to send over some samples of new hats his company was working on, along with a donation towards the record project.

fataldogI gotta say, these hats rock! The’re all short-billed hats, which are all the rage for 2007. Plus they’re stretchable wool, so cats with big noggins like mine can still wear these dogs.

Thanks to Doc and the gang for their generosity — I love these hats. Ask my band. I wear them all the time!

Fatal Dog killa’ threads, for all you dogs that ain’t dead.

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Nick’s Journey – Episode 3 Posted!

Posted: Mar 5, 2007

“Another Day at the Office”
Nick plays to a sell-out crowd at his first corporate event. Introducing a new song called “Rocket Science shouldn’t be hard.”

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DAY 238 – coming up for air

Posted: Mar 1, 2007

I’m still alive. I promise.

It’s been a pretty intense couple of three or four weeks since I’ve lived up to my “daily updates” promise. Here’s why…

Time is running out. Quickly. Funny think about making a pledge that lasts a year — you have to stick with it no matter what life throws at you. So even with all the positive thinking, quantum physics, and law of attraction in play, I was missing one important ingredient…

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