My First Music Review –

Posted: Jul 25, 2007


I just got some really cool news that I just had to share.

Seems my podcast with Dave Jackson has generated a bunch of interest around the net, and has earned me my first music review before my CD even comes out!

I bet this song [1000 Times Tonight] could melt just about any woman. Under the right circumstances like a first date, anniversary, romantic surprise, etc you could really fan the flames with this tune. I just know there are love scenes everywhere just begging for a song like this.

»Click here to read the article.

Just wanted to say thanks to Corey from for the kind words and review. You made my day, man.

Whether you are a musician, music fan, entrepreneur or human being you will appreciate Nick Daugherty’s story. He is a musician who decided it was time to be proactive in the search for his dream. His story is inspiring and a great life lesson for us all. He reminds us all that dreams are not something that come looking for us but something we must actively seek out.

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One Response to “My First Music Review –”

  1. Musicgoat says:

    Glad you liked it Nick. You earned it.

    I love the picture!