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Meeting Chef Christina of Hell’s Kitchen

Posted: Jun 25, 2008

I spent the past weekend in St. Louis for Bob Baker’s Indie Buzz Bootcamp and, since I was in town, couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a meal cooked by Christina Machamer, my favorite chef from Season 3 of Hell’s Kitchen on Fox.

(Gotta admit, my producer Mandi and I are huge fans of Hell’s Kitchen.  We don’t watch a lot of reality TV, but this one has us hooked in by the eggs.  How timely too — since she just became a finalist with just two shows left.  She’s our pick to win it all.  But I digress…)

I took my buddy Charlie Cheney (from Indie Band Manager fame), and we drove down to one of St. Louis’ finest restaurants, Revival, where Chef Christina chefs.  I gotta tell ya — this place was classy.  It’s set in an old brick building that used to be a speakeasy back in the days of prohibition.  The days when St. Louis was a main watering hole along the Mississippi River, and gas cost $0.03 per gallon.  There is an amazing back patio that’s landscaped and uplit to set the mood just right.  You’d think you were in the jungle (so long as you can ignore the sound of the train 20 yards behind said jungle.)

Christina came out and introduced herself and told us about the food, fully detailing the ins and outs of her menu and highlighting her signature scallops and the house special hushpuppies.  (Yes, they serve hushpuppies in a fine dining restaurant.  And they’re awesome.)

Anyhoo, I normally don’t like scallops, but the way she described them sounded too good to pass up.  Glad I took a chance because they were SO amazing.  I mean, I’m not a food critic or anything, but those scallops made me want to start.  I’m telling you, the girl has talent.  Gordon Ramsey would be proud.

Christina was a delight to talk to.  She came back out after the shift and had a glass of wine with us.  We talked it up for an hour or more about life, music, cooking, travel, sudden fame, and Gordon Ramsey’s new restaurant in L.A.

I was struck by how friendly and down-to-earth she was, even while she’s on top of the [Fox Reality TV] world.  My new friend Christina — an amazing chef and a very cool girl.  She’ll go far.

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