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Review from Heartland Public Radio

Posted: Sep 5, 2008

Nick just got a great write-up from Roweena Muldavin of Heartland Public Radio!

As though waiting for the other shoe to drop, songwriters often await the anticipated visit from the Muse, and it often comes in the middle of the night. Artists don’t always have the luxury of devoting all their time to their craft and take on various day jobs to pay the bills, thus finding themselves immersed in two worlds.

With the stream of consciousness flowing continually, sometimes these worlds collide. Which brings us to Nick Daugherty, a most stunning songwriter who, in the song, “Sick Day,” wakes up tired from loss of sleep the night before and decides he needs some time for himself, even if it’s just to veg out for a day.

Nick’s lyrics are keenly articulate and clever. For example, in a line from the song, “cause my back aches, I’m in dire straits,” though unintentional, serves as an excellent metaphor for this collision of worlds as the stress (aches) of one’s job invariably collides with the music (dire straits) playing in the songwriter’s mind.

What a gift this young man has — I can’t wait for his debut CD!

Rowena Muldavin
Heartland Public Radio

Thanks Roweena and HPR, and the check’s in the mail! 😉

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