Movin’ Higher #1 Rated CD in Music Connection Magazine!!

Posted: Jan 16, 2010

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The Music Connection review is finally here, and we couldn’t be more pleased.  Nick got the highest rating of the month (and so far the highest of the year) with his debut release, scoring a whopping 8.2 out of 10 points.

Music Connection rates artists on:

  • Production (8 of 10)
  • Lyrics (8 of 10)
  • Music (8 of 10)
  • Vocals (9 of 10) !
  • Musicianship (8 of 10)

Nick scored well in each of these categories, with the highest score in “Vocals.”

According to Music Connection, “Number 1 represents the lowest possible score, 10 represents the highest possible score.  A final score of 5 denotes an average, competent artist.”

Here is the text of the review.  (From the January 2010 issue of Music Connection Magazine, page 52.)

Daugherty’s affable voice is front and center at all times, riding above his able backup band so that he makes a palpable connection with his listener on every recording.

“Movin’ Higher” effectively deploys a rich, gospel organ and marimba.  The slow, bluesy “Out of My League” proves Daugherty can croon and sustain his notes.  The humorous “Sick Day” is about an impulse that all of us can relate to–skipping work.

This artist’s honest, mature and clever package could capture a prosperous mainstream audience.

Thanks to the folks at Music Connection for this review, and for other artists who would like to submit their album for review, the URL is

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One Response to “Movin’ Higher #1 Rated CD in Music Connection Magazine!!”

  1. John Braheny says:

    Wow!! This is terrific — and so well deserved after all your (and Mandi’s) hard work and long hours. We’re standing on our chairs with our lighters and iPhones raised! This is what happens when great writing, performing and production talent come together.
    JoAnn & John