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45 Record

Posted: Mar 12, 2015

Big shout out to all the people who helped make this possible. Today’s the day — so excited for the big reveal!!

March 12, 2015. Happy 45th Birthday to my beautiful wife, Jennifer Anne.

Over 50 people who know and love you collaborated to make this possible, sending in videos from multiple states across the U.S.

We logged almost 100 hours and pushed iMovie to its limits, but the end result was worth it!


Here comes another message from the birthday man
Packaged up into tight little installment plans
Coming every 12 months, it’s time to treat yourself
So happy birthday girl, it must be March 12th

I guess that’s about 45 years ago
That ya came down from Heaven — came down to the Earth
And we all forever grateful for the day of your birth

Baby, our world is spinning faster and faster
Like a 45 record, Like a 45 record, Like a 45 record
So maybe, just you and me could spin together
Like a 45 record, Like a 45 record, Like a 45 record

From the bump and grind
From two people entwined
Came a couple of kids, now we feeling’ resigned
That our whole identity has been redefined
We tryin’ to live out loud, but we feelin’ confined

And we tryin’ to be kind
When you’re losing your mind
Ain’t nobody gettin’ sleep when the baby’s cryin’
And we startin’ and stoppin’ like a million times
But today I’m movin’ you to the front of the line

This is the beautiful life that we signed up for
(And I’ma) give you everything that you dreamed and more
We ain’t tryin to survive — girl we tryin to thrive
Tryin to wake up every day, baby feelin alive

And every weekend, we gon’ visit the ocean
Don’t wanna let em burn baby, gotta hit em with lotion
And we just gotta chill and learn to live with the notion
All them boys gonna keep ya in perpetual motion

45 years, girl you be lookin GREAT
You been hittin’ the gym, pulling 45 plates
That’s why everybody here is truly amazed
Cause you can balance it all with style and grace

So when you chasin’ them kids all over the place
Got grease in their hair and egg on their face
Remember these are little moments we can never replace
Then the moment is gone, and the next one awaits

Lyrics: Nick Daugherty
Vocals: 1man (getitboy), feat. Nick Daugherty
Engineering: Matt Lavella
Costumes/Choreography: Bret Anthony

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