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Nick’s Journey – Episode 5 Posted!

Posted: Jul 7, 2007

“Making the Record”
Nick goes into the studio with producer Mandi Martin and an all-star band to begin recording his debut record.

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Nick’s Journey – Episode 4 Posted!

Posted: Jul 3, 2007

“Practice Makes Perfect”
Half-way through his journey, Nick lets a snowboarding trip get in the way of voice lessons and band rehearsals.

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Nick’s Journey – Episode 3 Posted!

Posted: Mar 5, 2007

“Another Day at the Office”
Nick plays to a sell-out crowd at his first corporate event. Introducing a new song called “Rocket Science shouldn’t be hard.”

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Posted: Jan 25, 2007

“All roads lead to Hollywood…”
In the second installment of “How to Get a Record Deal in 365 Days,” Nick writes a new song that’s out of his league, disses American Idol, and finds a whole new fan base online.

Special thanks to Josh and the gang at for their help!

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DAY 170 – merry christmas from dave and me

Posted: Dec 17, 2006

I’m going to start believing in Santa again.

Now don’t go thinking I’ve lost it or anything (yet), but I kinda miss the magic of it all. Sometimes being an adult is just too predictable.

I remember Christmas mornings when I was a little kid took forever to arrive. My brothers and sisters and I would…

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Nick’s Journey Episode 1 Posted!

Posted: Sep 17, 2006

Hot off the editing floor. Enjoy. -ND

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DAY 26: idol or no idol…

Posted: Aug 1, 2006

DAY 26 and it has come to my attention that American Idol tryouts are next week here in L.A. I thought the past season just ended, but here we are again.

So, I need some help to decide… Should I try out or no?

A.I. has never been my thing. I don’t claim to be a phenomenal vocalist, though I do loves me some karaoke now and again. (See the karaoke post about 2 weeks ago.)

My strength lies in the whole show: singing + playing + songwriting. More Beatles than Bublé. More Simon than Sinatra.

Here’s “Out of My League” from Sunday in Hermosa Beach, CA…

Plus there’s the whole “wait in line for two days” part which doesn’t sit too well with me either. I don’t do lines too well.

However, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing to do, and I’m sure I would meet a ton of interesting people in the process. Maybe some new band mates…

So, help me out… Should I try out? Yea or nea?

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DAY 24: the sunday show at the pier…

Posted: Jul 30, 2006

DAY 24 – Man, it feels good to play live again! Tim and I played our first show together in a couple of years tonight.

Yeah, we rocked Patrick Malloy’s on Hermosa Pier. It feels good to have my guitar player back.

OK, so by “show” I mean we got a 15-minute set at the Summer of Fun Talent Contest, and by “rocked” I mean two guys with acoustic guitars, strumming as hard as we could. This has been a fun weekend to be a musician. I met up with several potential promoters here that dig the songs and want to work with me.

And by “promoters” I mean new friends that have volunteered to help me book some shows. People are jumping on board with me on this 365-day thing, and I think it’s awesome. So let’s roll people…

Oh you missed it? Don’t worry love. There’ll be more shows to come very soon.

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DAY 2: oh the joys of building webpages…

Posted: Jul 9, 2006

DAY 2: The Preparation

Spent most of today trying to decipher WordPress and get this page up and running. Not a whole lot of interesting “music journey” stuff to put today, so I’ll keep it really brief. We’re making progress…

Thanks to my buddy Clinton Pickens for helping with the intro videos. Your Adobe Premiere skills have gained you much favor among would-be ND video-watchers everywhere, my friend. 🙂

Check out the video:

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